Club Classes & Racing Fees

Club Classes & Racing Fees - Napier Sailing Club Inc.

The Napier Sailing Club is extremely active. We organise and host regattas and races throughout the year.

Racing Fees

Entry Fees

Crewed Boats Seniors: $10
Senior/Intermediate: $10
Junior/School pupil crews: $5

Day Sailor (up to 3 events per season): $10

Season Fees*

Crewed boat Senior: $160
Senior/Intermediate: $125
Junior/School pupil crews: $50
Subsequent family siblings: $25

* for Saturday club races only. To be paid in full in advance.

Competition Classes


OptimistAn international class, that is excellent for children interested in learning how to sail. Suitable for children aged 8 – 15 years. The club has Optimists available for hire.

CONTACT:    Steve Potbury     027 6291 308


  • H Thompson Trophy H'cp
  • Epiglass Cup H'cp
  • Summer Regatta
  • Open Boat Challenge H'cp
  • Art Deco Race
  • Coulam Family Trophy
  • Ericksen Honda Cup H'cp
  • Icicle Regatta

P Class

P ClassPremier Class for young sailors who aspire to be world class sailors. They say if you can sail a P Class you can sail anything. Competitive New Zealand made boat. Suitable for children aged 12 – 17 years old, 55-60kg is ideally the upper weight limit for successful competition.



Starling Class

starlingGood single handed intermediate sailing dinghy, step up for sailors who have become too heavy or old for the P Class or Optimist.

CONTACT:   Philipp Otto    021 052 6745


  • Moth Junior Cup H'cp
  • Hindmarsh Cup H'cp
  • Tony Hill Trophy Champs
  • Hislop Cup H'cp
  • Art Deco Race
  • Icicle Regatta


Laser ClassA one person dinghy, one design made from fibreglass. The Laser has three common rigs in use, the Standard (7.06 m2 sail), Radial (5.76 m2), 4.7 (4.7 m2). The Radial has a smaller mast and a radial cut sail designed for lighter crew weights. The Laser is the most popular sailing dinghy in the world, is an international and olympic class. Sailors range from the ages of 16 – 70+, and there are master, and youth competitions.

Contact:   Gill Waiting     870 1063


  • Laser Agency Trophy H'cp
  • Vann Family Trophy H'cp
  • Summer Regatta
  • Harbour Master's Trophy H'cp
  • Art Deco Race
  • Laser Cup Champ's & Radial Champ's
  • Icicle Regatta

Phase II

Phase II ClassThe Phase II is a light, fast, no hassle to rig or to sail, low maintenance two person 13 ft dinghy. Constructed from fibreglass. Phase II has a simple stayed rig with a main and jib, suitable for the father or mother with the son or daughter, or wife and husband.



europe   Single person yacht for youth & lighter adults.

   Contact:    Brendon Mitchell    027 758 7169


 Spring Series, Summer Series, Autumn Series, Sprint Series, Moth Cup Champs.


Paper Tiger Catamaran

Paper Tiger   (Twin hull) boat. Fast and exciting sailing. Ideal for adrenaline junkies between 65 -80 kg weight.

   Contact:   Nathan Percy       027 3427 217


  • Takapuna Cup H'cp
  • Thompson Cup H'cp
  • Summer Regatta
  • Spriggs Trophy Champ's
  • Art Deco Race
  • Restoration Cup H'cp
  • Paul Wood Memorial Trophy
  • Icicle Regatta

OK Dinghy

OK DinghyOne person 14 ft Dinghy, quite technical. Popular local & international Class.

Contact:    Rob Hengst      021 363 351


  • Ray Sellar Cup
  • Angus Cup
  • East Coast Champs
  • Summer Regatta
  • Combination Cup
  • Sprint Series
  • Art Deco Race
  • Agnew Cup Champs
  • Icicle Regatta

A Class Catamaran

A ClassOne person catamaran (twin hull), sailing boat, for the speed freak. Need experience to handle one of these monsters.




Trailer Yachts Div 1 

    ross harbour race ross cropped    Incl Sports Boats & 14ft, Fireball, Flying Fifteen, Dragon, Bailey, Jav,
        Gazelle, Elliot 5.9 & 6.5, Ross 650 & 780

            Contact:    Mark Sheldrake         021 1746 592


  • Unicorn Tropht Hcp
  • NHBG Trophy Hcp
  • Tinker Trophy Hcp
  • Epiglass (2 handed) + W&K
  • Milburn Trophy 30 miler
  • Art Deco Race
  • Summer regatta
  • Icicle Regatta

Trailer Yachts Div 2

Trailer Yachtthis class consists of the following types of yachts :-

Hartley 16, Warwick 7.1, Cirrus 20, Farr 6000,  Noelex 22.

Contact:    Thijs Calkoen       06 878 6265


  • Go Cola Trophy
  • Milburn Trophy 30 miler
  • Small Family Trophy
  • Pratley Trophy
  • Farr 6000 Trophy
  • Art Deco Race
  • Icicle Regatta

Hartley 16

Hartley 16Trailer sailer, ideal for the entire family.



Noelex 25

Noelex 25A larger version of the Noelex 22 class.

Contact:    Paul Redman       06 836 6248


  • Contender Cup H'cp
  • Long Race 30 miler
  • Elliot Jug
  • Summer Regatta
  • Zephyr Cup H'cp
  • Art Deco Race
  • Fun Race Art Deco Weekend
  • Nolex 25 Cup Champ's
  • Icicle Regatta

Keeler & Open                 


 Include anything not in above groups

Contact:    Mark Sheldrake         021 1746 592


  • Handicap Series (1)
  • Handicap Series (2)
  • Summer Regatta
  • Handicap Series (3)
  • Art Deco Race
  • Handicap Series (4)
  • Icicle Regatta


Latitude/Longitude: -39.485687 / 176.892407

Phone: +64 6 835 3811
Fax: +64 6 335 3602

63 West Quay
Ahuriri, Napier
New Zealand


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