Strategic Plan 2016-17

The NSC General Committee has recently adopted a Strategic Plan

This is a good start but obviously a plan is only as good as its execution and we have some hard work ahead to achieve our aspirations.

The plan identifies seven key strategic themes which are considered critical to the ongoing success of Napier Sailing Club. Each of these Strategic Themes needs a Champion. That is someone who will take ownership of that theme and with the ability to work collaboratively, gather around them the people they need to drive the initiative forward. Theme champions should report progress monthly to the General Committee.

The Strategic Themes are:

  1. Sailing The champion for this theme needs to have a vision for developing sailing as an attractive and accessible sport for all. Ideally should be a member of the sailing committee and perhaps the entire committee could be the group to work on this theme? It’s no secret that we have fewer senior sailors year on year and we need to arrest this trend.

  2. Youth The person leading this theme needs to be passionate about youth development, work to build a harmonious relationship and strong links with the group developing the Sailing theme.

  3. Member Services We are more than just a sailing club as is obvious from our membership statistics. The person leading this group should have a vision for how we may embrace diversity and make it work for the good of all club members.

  4. Functions The market for event venues is increasingly competitive but this is an important revenue generator for NSC. The champion for this theme must develop ideas for capitalising on our unique venue and positioning NSC to capture a greater share of the market.

  5. Facilities This theme is about the use and renewal of existing facilities and development of new facilities. NSC track record for planning is weak leading to ad hoc maintenance and financial shortfalls when major renewal has been required e.g. recent ramp work

  6. Governance Change is coming whether we are ready or not. The new Incorporated Societies Act due to be law in 2017 brings with it a number of changes which will affect how we operate. This theme must consider what structure and governance policies will best serve the NSC in future years.

  7. Financial This theme is primarily supportive to the other themes but of itself should aim to improve reporting to members, work with each of the other theme leaders to consolidate business and financial plans.

So far we have theme champions for Youth, Functions, Member Services, Financial and Governance and need capable people for the remaining roles. If you are passionate about the future success of NSC and would like to offer to champion a theme please in the first instance contact Shelly for further details.


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